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Craigievern/Ard Ghaoth - Drymen Community Council

This is short notice, I know, but it has been confirmed only today that Banks Renewables will be presenting to the Drymen Community Council on Tuesday 7 February at 7.30 pm in Drymen Village Hall.

This would appear not to be following the format of that given in Gartmore in December although it is EVAG's view that it should, given that the stated purpose of the Gartmore presentation was 'getting information across to the community of Gartmore', unless, of course, Banks are proposing to present at a later date. Working on the basis that they are not proposing to, it is vital that as many local people are represented once again, primarily in order that it cannot be alleged that the depth of feeling expressed at Gartmore was a one-off. It also enables the topic to be furthered via the press. If you can make it that evening, come along to Drymen.

It is a normal Community Council meeting, open to the public, and there will undoubtedly be other business on the Agenda. How the meeting is conducted is, of course, up to the Chairman, but hopefully he would put the Banks presentation at the top of the Agenda.

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